Thursday, June 4, 2009

So True...

This is from a blog called This is Indexed. Every week day she does cute little diagrams, and this one is particularly true. Not one floss, but I find that the new spray on sunscreen is both good for preventing sunburn as well as being a great gnat adhesive. In case you ever have the need to attach gnats to yourself that is...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

100 Miles of Nowhere Race Report

My Letter to the Fat Cyclist himself:

Hope it isn't too late to get in my report. A little long, but worth the read I promise!

I rode the 100 miles of nowhere with my friend Bill Merrell, who, while riding bandit, did donate $50 to my Livestrong Page and swept the streets before the ride, so I let him participate with me. Attached are pictures of Bill and Me, at various points in the ride. (I have more pictures, but I don't have the cord at work and I wanted to get this to you before you got too bored with posts).

We chase to do our course as a figure 8, with my house at the center. We chose this type of course for several reasons:
1. Even tire wear - same number of turns to the right and left.
2. Lowered the chance of dizziness as we were constantly changing directions
3. Even tanning - Ala rotisserie chicken

Here is a link to our course - It was about .95 miles long, although as one of my engineering friends pointed out, with all the turns and the width of the road, you could have up to a 2 mile difference for the same number of laps, depending if you took an inside or outside course. I used this to my advantage at the end, doing zig zags so I wouldn't have to do an extra lap.

The theme for the day was PIE! I had a number of friends who came out to ride with us throughout the day, and everyone who stopped by got pit for their efforts - and not just any pie, but hand made Michigan 4 berry pie from Atchez - If their selections of pies don't make you drool, I'm not sure what will.

My fellow triathletes Carol, Mia and Mia's husband Michael, a 15 year Cancer survivor, rode 20 miles out to see us in the morning, got a flat 2 miles from my house, ate some pie, and then rode the 20 miles back home. Another friend Ben drove out and rode about 15 miles with me (55-70) which rocked, as I was in need of some distractions at that point.

There was plenty of normal (aka non gel) food eaten, which was great, as well as the ability to stop and use your OWN bathroom whenever you needed to. I got to meet a bunch of my neighbors, even though they sorta looked at me funny and discover that nearly everyone has a dog. The only downside was that there were a bunch of garage sales going on in the neighborhood, which just made us be on the look out for cars a lot more.

The best part was that we Twittered and posted to Facebook throughout the ride, and because of that, I have had to increase my donation goal twice (from $250 to $500 and now to $1000 - I am currently ay $425) on my virtual challenge LiveStrong Team Philly page. Hopefully you will convince us to do other stupid human tricks this summer to get my friends to pity me and donate to my insanity.

Extra Cancer Fighting bonus this week - Today (May 27th) is my birthday and in celebration I am donating my hair to Locks of Love on Friday and doing Race for the Cure on Saturday - pre and post hair cut photos forthcoming. In all, 3 cancer fighting events in a week is pretty awesome.

Thanks for inspiring us and give Susan a big hug from her supports in Michigan!

Lana Krolikowski

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wonder and Awe

When was the last time you looked through a telescope (and for all of you dirty people out there, not that way)

I just came in from looking at a beautiful crescent moon through my dad's old telescope. And old does not necessarily mean bad in this case. It was just amazing. You can see all the seas (aka craters) and the edge of the shadow of the Earth is cool as well.

If you haven't hit up the planetarium since you were like 10, may I HIGHLY recommend finding one locally - they often have nights that are open to the public. Or take a class at the local community college. Or heck, buy a pair of binoculars and go crazy (again, not that kind of crazy). I can assure you a moment of total wonder and awe.

But bring the bugspray.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Accel Chocolate and Citrus Orange

Chocolate - One Word - OMYGODDELICIOUS

Orange - One Word - Ewwwwwwwwwwww

Thursday, June 12, 2008


The obsession continues


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bike Widow Quote

So I stumbled onto a new blog today - Bike Widow - it looks like it just started but I found the following quote hilarious

Sometimes, talking sense to a man who bikes is like nailing jell-0 to a tree.

You can replace the word 'bikes' with just about anything and it holds true

Now if only I could find a biking man

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Death in the backyard

There is a hawk swooping down on my back yard trying to catch something - and since it is probably something that keeps trying to eat my plants, I approve.

Therw is sometimes I really love living in Ann Arbor