Friday, January 18, 2008

I made it

Well it took a LOT of sweat and a little tears, but I finally made it to my 2007 goal! I worked my butt off during break (30+ miles a day) and watched a LOT of tv, pared down my podcasts, but I made it! Now for this year's goal - 3660 miles on the bike (darn leap years) and 365 miles run. Up to this point I have 9 miles run (but given my foot's condition that is pretty darn good) and 187.5 miles on the bike. And since January is biking month for the Triathlon challenge, I am hoping to get up to 500 miles for the month of January - Not only would that put a HUGE dent into my mileage for the year, but hopefully put me up in the top 100 again for miles in this year's challenge. MUST BIKE MORE