Saturday, March 29, 2008

So true....

I think I spend too much time planning and not enough messing around with the plan.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stealing from Steep and Cheep

I totally am stealing this from a recent Steep and Cheep email - I admit it, but it was too good and true not to pass along.

"If you don't like a book someone recommended, keep it to yourself. They won't take it well when you tell them it was bad, and they'll be especially upset if you launch into a well-reasoned explanation supported with literary precedent. I learned this not when I compared the Poisonwood Bible to a doorstop, but when the friend who had recommended the Poisonwood Bible responded with a dismissive shrug when I asked what he thought of a book I'd loaned him. Books take so much of an investment in time that I think they form a bit of a cognitive dissonance for their readers. Unless you quit reading halfway through, it's like you've invested so much time in the book that it had better be good. Taking a particular liking to a book is similar to finding a song you enjoy deeply--there's something about it that resonates with you. So when someone comes back with a negative review of a book you like, it's more like it informs your differences with the person than your taste in books. And that person can never be trusted again."

Proving yet again, as said in High Fidelity, it is what you like, not what you are like.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You ever felt like this?

I've graduated from heard cats to juggling them - Rabid, mangy, fully clawed cats.

At work things are so crazy, I am not even stressed - it is like when your emotions overload and you can't even feel anything cause you are numb - maybe like frostbite or getting burned - so much damage has been done there is nothing left to damage.

Needless to say I see working this weekend, and then partying on Saturday and Triathlon volunteering on Sunday at 7 am - woo hoo?

New Car Discoveries

So I discovered something yesterday morning - my car has directional headlights. When I first got my car I was AMAZED at how AWESOME the headlights were - mind you they are some fancy schmancy lights, and I had a 10 year old Sable before which are prone to getting frosting and pitting on their light covers. But for the past few weeks I've noticed that the lights have not been projecting as much, but I couldn't tell why. This morning, I accidentally hit the thing that I thought conrolled the fog lights - to my surprise the lights suddenly started projecting a lot further. I guess that it wasn't for the fog lights at all.

I'm a dork.

Maybe I should have read that owner's manual after all......

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A dedication to good friends

Sometimes I don't think I deserve the friends I have, but then I realize I do

It amazes me how much my friends know me better than I know myself at times. I got a package in the mail from my Lauren this week (aka my best friend Lauren, but my Lauren is just easier to say/type) - A mix cd. Remember back in the day when you used to make mixed tapes for friends. It was like that but even better. No list of songs (heck at first I didn't even know it was songs), just a little note on the cd from one Hoochie to another. So I decided to throw it in the stereo and listen to it while I tried to finish up a book for the library (In Defense of Food - I HIGHLY recommend it)

Now Lauren and I have known each other for almost 10 years (10 years this August - Hoochie I think we are getting old :P ) and I can honestly say that I think of her as my sister. She has seen me through a number of life crisis (aka boyfriends, family, career) and she knows too much about me for me to ever let her become my enemy. There goes my career in politics. Anyways, if anyone knew how to make me a mixed cd to make me feel like she was there giving me a big hug and telling me I rock, Lauren is apparently the one to do it because this CD ROCKS! Some old favorites, new favorites, and encouragement all the way.

She Caught the Katy - Blues Brothers
Crazy bout that hard headed woman
Hard headed woman of mine"

First, I love the Blues Brothers more than a woman should probably admit, but it is one of my top 10 movies ever. I ADORE the movie - whenever I have to clean up around the house, I throw the move in the DVD player and listen to it as I bustle around the house. Whenever I need a break, I can sit down for a second in front of the TV, I know EXACTLY what is going on and there is usually a pretty damn good song coming up withing a few minutes.

Now the reason I love this particular song is for the lyric "Crazy about that hard headed woman, hard headed woman of mine". For anyone who has ever met me, you know I can be stubborn on occasions (it's genetics - all Polish women are stubborn - ask Lauren - heck if you think I'm bad, you should have met my grandmother), so I look forward to some day when some man will be happy to have a hard headed woman like me. I'm a catch, believe you me.

Because I'm Awesome - The Dollyrots
"I don’t need you cause I’m neato and I beat you
Cause I’m awesome
That’s right"

This is a punk band I am not familiar with, but not that I am, I am trying to figure out how I can see them live sometime soon. They remind me a bit of Cowboy Mouth in their 'You're awesome no matter what" type of lyrics to this song. And not taking themselves too seriously - I mean a song with the lyrics "I always tell you how great you smell - It’s cause I’m naturally deodorized" has a bit of humor to it. But the lyrics "I don’t need you cause I’m neato and I beat you - Cause I’m awesome - That’s right" is what I needed to hear tonight (well this whole freaking week really)

Photosynthesis - The Hot Toddies
"Photosynthesis is my favorite chemical reaction
When the plants are growing it gives me so much satisfaction"

So Lauren and I lived together for about 4 years in college, so needless to say we got to know each other's qwerks. I am a morning person and Lauren is a night owl, but since morning people aren't really popular in college, I used to try and stay up late. Needless to say since I was usually up at 6am, once the sun went down, I really wasn't at my best (heck I'm impressed I'm writing this at 10:30 at night and I will probably be writing for a few more hours). The more tired I get the louder I get and usually once midnight rolled around all I wanted was to be in bed (ish). This led Lauren to claim that I was solar powered, which, given my current schedule would be true, except I tend to go to work before the sun is even up, is close enough, especially during the summer. Maybe I do run a bit off of photosynthesis - it would be helpful - just stick me under a grow light in the morning and I would be off like a shot!

Maybe this also explains why I like gardening so much - the plants and I have so much in common.

Motor City Girl - The Badways
"Well she's my motor city girl
and I love her to death"

Apparently this is a local band and I am ordering their CD from CD BABY (a great place to get new music - before they go big label). And they are playing in Detroit and Chicago in the next few moths. They sound like a fun bar band. I love living in the Metro-Detroit area and as much as I want to try living in California for a few years, I think living in the Motor city has really shaped the kind of person I am. I'm not a gear head, but I know my cars. Heck, I'm a contractor for one of the Big 3 (can you even call them that any more? Big 4? Big 2? Whatever). There is a certain mix of Midwestern sensibilities and blue collar grittiness that comes from living and loving Detroit and I have to say I have some of that, maybe not a lot, but some.

The Bad Days - The Flaming Lips
"And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end"

Sometimes I worry that I only call my friends when I'm in what I will gently refer to as a poopy mood, but I swear I don't do this on purpose and to my friends who read this - I apologize for my bad days as of late. A simple little song reminding me to sleep late when I can (woo hoo for 7:30 this morning) and that bad days will, in fact, end.

Open Road Song - Eve 6
"The night is becokoning although I have nowhere to go but home
Feels good to be alone
With every turn comes a new frame of mind if I could frame my mind
Where would it hang"

I love to drive and I love my cars. From the blue, bondoed Aerostar that got me through and around high school, to Princess Hooch, the Hoochie Hoopdie (a Bonneville that had a booty to rival mine), to the Sable with no name, to my current baby (a Mazda 3 hatchback in bright, but not overly so blue), I have had some awesome automobiles. One of my favorite things to do is take the long way from point A to point B sometimes just for the sake for seeing what I can see. There is nothing that calms me down more than a late night drive on a country road, and there is something special about leaving work on a Friday with the sun still up and the traffic light and fast.

Legand of a Cowgirl - Imani Coppola
"So look out and hide your fans
I'm a woman on fire with huge desire
To be as good as any man

Pack my bags and mount my horse
I'm gonna ride on into the next town
Spend all my money on absolutely nothing
Need no man to pay for anything"

This is one of the ultimate anthems of being a strong, independent woman. We are expected to (and often) succeed in doing it on our own, without a man there to take care of us, and the lyrics of this song totally remind me that, as much as society tells me I an not whole if I'm not dating/engaged/married, I am in fact okay on my own. Not that I wouldn't love to have someone to share stuff with (I secretly yearn for someone to tell stories to - but now I have a blog, but my stories are usually much better in person), but the fact that I can do it for myself instills a certain amount of pride in me as well. Plus this song just has a great rhythm and is one of those songs that will get you pulled over cause it is infectious to drive just a 'little bit' faster to.

Party like a Rock Start - Rock~n~Roll Machines
"I've been working every day now
way more than 9 to 5
I've been cooped up, tied down,
every time I come around,
something else is taking my time"

I am hoping I'm getting the attribution right - but I couldn't find the lyrics online (OMG - the series of tubes have failed me). I may not be partying like a rock star right now, but that whole working more than 9 to 5 thing has been applying as of late. This song actually reminds me of Lauren and Paul's wedding - lots of singing to rock songs, air guitar and head banging to Rush (Paul's fav) and Aerosmith (Lauren's). Wedding with polkas AND Aerosmith are amazing, let me tell you.

HTML - Hot Toddies
"Last night while you were offline,
I Googled your name
And I found out that you're a 40 year old inter tube salesman from Ohio!
WTF?! I thought you were the one for me
But you're just a major loser"

Another album that will be shipping to my house shortly. This song is an anthem for any techy girl who has been misled (or just seriously creeped out) by online dating. Thank GOODNESS for Google, although for common names, even that won't save you sometimes. If you haven't heard what fun I've been having with online dating, please see some of the previous blog posts. Shudder.

The Motor City is Burning - John Lee Hooker
"Oh, the Motor City is burning
And there ain't anything I can do"

Lauren had the privileged of listening to me RANT about a certain mayor of Detroit who is an ASS beyond belief. I feel like Detroit is falling apart (more so than normal) and no one seems to care. Why people choose to support a mayor who lies (I could give a rats ass who he has having sex with, but what he does to cover it up and who that effects and how much it costs, I DO care about) I will never understand. But this is not the place for me to get into that again (I try to avoid brain aneurysms on the weekends). We shall see what Monday brings.

Sweet Librarian - Railroad Jerk
"Swee-eeeet librarian
What good books can you recommend?
Swee-eeeet librarian
Do you think that we could still be friends?"

Aside from the yodeling and banging on a pot with a spoon, I now love this song because it led me to this blog - Bibliosquirrel - TOO EFFIN FUNNY - I need more humor like this woman to read in my 'free' time. Plus every librarian needs a song that makes them feel loved, or at least admired.

The 8 Polish Dishes of Christmas - Veggie Tales
"The seventh Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party, Seven pitted prunes But I don’t like prunes! Trust me. With this food, you’ll need ‘em, son. Six fried chruschikis [a delightful paistry with a thing flaky crust] Five smoked kielbasas [pretty much just meat] Four baked paprikas [a bell pepper stuffed with meat] Three simmered gwumpkies [Cabbage wrapped around meat] Two steamed pierogies [Dough, wrapped around meat] And a boiled potato topped with dill weed."

And people wonder where the Polish booty comes from. I mean really. (and who thought I would be promoting something by the Veggie Tales - double shudder) But all of it is delicious, if a bit hard on the digestive system all at once

Speaking of booties...

Back that Ass Up (explicit version than you very much) - Juvenile
"Girl you looks good, won't you back that ass up
You'se a fine motherfuck, won't you back that ass up"

Pretty much an anthem from college - One that makes me think "What the HELL was I doing with that Sam character" but we are all entitled to our 'moments of learning'. Another moment Lauren was around for - remember the lime graveyard. Poor little limes, all alone on the counter, salt strewn everywhere - good times.

Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett (?)
"Mustang Sally, just bought a brand new GTO,
... yous ee her comin, you better move on over"

Now this is a completely different version of this song than I have EVER heard (Lauren - where the heck did you get this - is it off an album cause this is one sexy version of the song). Very old and bluesy and just awesome sounding. Ignore the version you know from that movie, cause this one is a billion times better. Funny enough I was thinking of renting a mustang for a few days when I am in SF this summer so I can get a convertible to go crusin along the coast in. It's my birthday, I'll drive with the top down if I want to.

Never Make a Saint of Me - Rolling Stones
"Augustin knew temptation
He loved women, wine and song
And all the special pleasures
Of doing something wrong"

I wish more people remembered that many saints didn't always act so saintly all the time. People are human and they make human mistakes and us other humans need to do our best to forgive them when it is time to forgive. I may not be big into one particular religion or another (although I do love studying them), but I think this is something that you don't need to have religion to believe in. Plus would it really be a CD from Lauren if it didn't bring up those damn Catholics? :P

Hoochie Mama - 2 Live Crew
"Big booty hoes -- up wit it!
Hoochie mamas -- up wit it!"

While the lyrics to this song are rather offensive when you actually read them, but I still find the song hilarious. Neither I or Lauren know how we started calling each other Hooch/Hoochie (she claims I started it, but who knows - there is always mythology behind good nicknames), but those were our nicknames all through college and cross country. May not be professional, but its just so fun to yell "HOOOOOOOCH" from across a room/hallway/field.

Going to California - Led Zeppelin
"Made up my mind to make a new start,
Going to California with an aching in my heart.
Someone told me theres a girl out there
With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair."

I started crying when I heard this song on this CD - not because it makes me sad (I had a dopy grin on my face) but because it seemed like Lauren saying that it was okay if I moved across the country (this may not have been what she meant, but that is the danger of mixed cds - the recipient can interpret them differently than the sender intended). I have always wanted to move out of Michigan for a while - I've lived abroad, but I've had an itching for California for a while. I know Lauren has always hoped I would try out Chicago, but right now I think it feels too much like home. I want to be somewhere where the weather is passable most of the year, where I can do some serious triathlon training, walk to the grocery store, get some sun (while staying away from sharks). Who knows, maybe when I return to the Midwest, it will be to Chicago instead, but right now I just want to try something completely different. It will be weird, knowing that if I want to I can't just drive a few hours and be at Lauren's, but maybe if I live someplace sunnier than Chicago/Detroit, she will visit me more (an ongoing battle) :P

Well I can't believe I spend nearly 2.5 hours writing a blog post, but this was something more than that - it was a thank you to one of the best friends a woman today could have. I love you Lauren and I always will - you can count on me as much as I count on you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Status Message 10:09pm

To the 43 year old cross dresser from Wisconsin who offered to be my slave, after carefully reviewing your application, I am afraid that you don't quite fit the position requirements. I will keep your application on file for 6 months in case any other positions open up.


For those of you who don't know, I went to college in a town called Holland, full of people from Dutch decent, which is probably why I find this so funny.

The reason these guys are single...

This morning I was greeted by two lovely emails from single gentlemen. Now let me tell you, I have gotten a number of emails from a variety of gentlemen, but these are the best so far and have convinced me that I apparently need to just quit.

Gentleman number 1 - The complete content of the email - "Hi there you look hut" This coming from a man who looks like he should be straight outta boogie nights - sneer, greased hair, black shirt unbuttoned half way down - he was the WHOLE package. The only think missing was some gold chains.

Gentleman number 2 - Subject of email - "Could You be my Mistress" - Body of email - "Hi could you use a good slave? a slutty submissive male cross dresser that will dress and do as you wished i do love to please a woman and make her happy. could you be my Mistress?"

First off, the picture was AWFUL - If this was how he cross dresses, not impressed. Secondly, if I had a slave (not that I am in favor of slavery or anything)- that person would be doing my dishes and housekeeping, running errands and stuff like that. Thirdly, he is 43 and lives in WISCONSIN (Green Bay at that). Isn't that a bit of a commute to be someone's slave?

It makes me glad that someone in the 1800s felt the need to create a machine to help with womanly vapors and it is now probably a billion dollar market. And that someone came up with batteries.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Im not sure to laugh or be depressed

OMG - hilarious and describing my friends at the same time...

Im not sure I want this to be me...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrocks 5k Race Report

Well it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Not really - it was warmish for March, it was mostly cloudy, but bearable, with hints of sunshine that made it feel about 10 degrees warmer.

I was running with Jenn (who writes much funnier race reports than I do) and by running with I mean we were standing next to each other at the beginning and she waited for me at the end, in part because I drove to the race and had her purse in the car. View her blog to see the course and her report.

I would tell you more, but Blogspot ate my post and I am too exhausted to type it all again. Save as Draft my ass.

And yes, I am wearing beads with a lobster on it - or a crawfish if you want to be specific - Yeah mardi gras! And yes I used the short picture of Jenn so that she would not tower over me like the giant she actually is.

Well I'm killing time until I have to go to the dentist, so I can fill out more of what happened at the race yesterday.

So a few weeks ago, Jenn and I did theSuperbowl 5k together. She pulled my ass along and we finished in 39.00.03 min (to be precise, according to their clock) which I was excited about since it was the first 5k I had run since the Detroit Half and the Lansing Legislator. I finished under 40 and was happy with that. Since then I've been working out more, swimming, cardio karate, lifting, and running at the Y doing a mile here and there. I guess there were some improvements.

So I was a bit shocked when I saw my time for Shamrocks - 36:23. That is almost a 3 min drop in 6 weeks - CRAZY!

Here is how my race went - it was a 4 lap loop, with a big down hill at the beginning of the loop and a biiiiig up hill at the end of the loop. Lovely, let me tell you.

Jenn and I had gotten there early (still didn't get a shirt - 24 people too late) to watch the elite heat (boy can some of those people run fast) and just hang out. When our race started, I let Jenn go and I tried to enjoy my ipod, which is green so I felt justified in using it, although I usually don't when I race. Mile one was CRAZY fast 10:50. That is a 1:30 than my normal mile pace when I normally run just 1 mile. Needless to say this sorta freaked me out and had me worried about how mile 3 was going to go. Up the hill, down the hill and get to mile 2 marker - 11:34. A pretty big drop in time, but STILL nearly a minute ahead of my typical mile pace. I was starting to overheat about this time, because the sun had started to peak out from behind the clouds, I probably shouldn't have worn the vest, but I was chilly and I'm a wuss like that. Mile 3.1 - 13:53, which means mile 3 was about 13:23, give or take. A HUGE drop from mile 2, a min slower than my normal average, but after 4 hill repeats, I was just glad I was able to run the whole way. With a total watch time of 36:18 (clock time 36:23), that makes for an average pace of about 11:43. 40 seconds faster than my normal mile pace - CRAZY!!! My foot hurts like hell, but it was an awesome race and gives me hope that my Tri season won't totally be dependent on the Swim and Bike like last year.

Dance Marathon!

Well I did my annual fresh baked cookies run to the University of Michigan Dance Marathon last night. It was crazy fun, Ellie was rocking it as a moral captain, and best of all, I got a picture with someone dressed like a lobster. What are the ODDS?!?

Of course hanging out with people who are nearly 10 years younger than me is a bit rough - especially when it is St Pats weekend and there was some drunken revelers walking through. Then my friend Katie is in town with her boy (which I sorta forgot about) and called me to meet her at a bar. So I go trudging off, in the outfit you see above, get to the bar and was going to wait in line to get in until I realized that I am in fact not that crazy. Plus I had been up since 4:30am and anyone who knows me knows I do not do so well with that much awake time. So instead I went home and went to bed. So I can go do a 5k this afternoon at 2pm. Which is the BEST time for a St Pat's 5k - gives you time to recover from the night before and when you get done you don't feel guilty for drinking because it is not the morning.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Sunglasses and Jury Duty

As talked about earlier, I purchased some sunglasses from Steep and Cheep - and they arrived today....and I LOVE THEM! They fit well, they look good, they are comfortable, and tomorrow morning I will be trying them out on a run. I don't know why I didn't splurge on nice sunglasses before. I had gotten a pair from Sunglass Hut once - Oakley's - but I took them back after a few days because I couldn't justify spending so much on sunglasses. I think in part it was because they didn't fit as well as these did and I wasn't making as much money.

Speaking of which, did I mention that I worked today - 7.5 hours of productivity - with no one coming up and talking to me and interrupting me every 15 min at work, I get a heck of a lot more done. How freaking awesome is that?!? Oh wait, I spent a whole Saturday at work because I don't have enough of a life to have other plans... that isn't awesome at all. Of course, it does mean that my Monday off tomorrow that I am heading to the dentist for has been taken care of, which is nice since we HAVE to take Friday and next Monday off work for the Easter Holiday. Oh and I have Jury Duty on Monday, well maybe. The way that they do it here is that you get the letter saying you might have to show up, but you can call a number as of 5pm the Friday before and if your number didn't come up, you are all set, which would be AWESOME so that I don't have to get up early on my day off and go do my civic duty. Not that I don't want to do my civic duty, I take that very seriously, but it seems that the government doesn't take it very serious. If I do get called to duty, I will get paid $40 per day. That is not even minimum wage and it does not come even CLOSE to how much I will be loosing by not working. How can the government expect people to take jury duty seriously when it is hurting anyone who has to do it except those that are unemployed? sigh

Friday, March 14, 2008

How I feel right now

I am not a chore or a burden, nor would I ever want to be, so if that is how you feel, let me know, make me free.

Being told that I was liked 'well enough' was definitly a wake up. Who wants to be liked just 'well enough'? Not me that is for sure. I want to be liked way more than 'well enough'.

and BOY was the Einstein quote of the day good today: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Could the world be giving me another shout out. Why, I think so! :P

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday Work Out and Week 1 Weight Loss

Work Out:

1 Mile run 12:20
Bhangra Dance Class - learned the first minute of our first song - I love that class
90 lb Smith Machine Squats 15 x 3
25 lb Skull Crushers on Ball 15 x 3
15 lb Fly on Ball 5 x 3
41 lb Lat Pull Down 15 x 3
3 lb Reverse Fly 15 x 3
20 Leg Lifted Lower Ab Sit Up x 3
Half Plank - 30, 30 35 sec

My R tricep REALLY hurt on those Skull Crushers and Flys, but I managed to finish. I think I will be giving myself an extra day of rest this week and do my lifting on Saturday instead of Friday. That and my foot also hurt - I know that I haven't been doing enough stretching and I think I am paying for it. I did my magical wall hamstring stretch yesterday though and that seems to make things better. I will just have to wait and see. That and more swimming and biking. I haven't done any miles on my bike for (it feels like) forever and I think I will have a date with the chamois this weekend for about 15-20 miles - got to try out those new pedals you know.

On a happy note, I have had my scale for a week now and I was, at last weighing (I check all the stats every day after work before working out) I was down about 4 lbs. 4 lbs in a week is CRAZY as far as I am concerned. This means I have 14 more lbs to my goal weight at the end of May. I know this crazy rate won't stick around, but on average I have to loose 1.4 lbs a week for the next 10 weeks. I think that is doable don't you?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Steep and Cheep - 1st Purchase

In an effort not to burst an blood vessel in my eye, I am not going to write about how I feel about the State of the City address last night where the Mayor lost the last minute little bit of respect I had for him... nope, not going to talk about it.... but if you want to read it, it was a pretty good speech until the last 5 minutes where he went off the deep end of rant land... - about 9/10ths down the page.

I will instead tell you about my first purchase at Steep and Cheep. I have been looking for a good pair of sun glasses for working out for a while, and I knew that I had seen a number come by on Steep and Cheep, but I was pretty particular about what I was looking for. I wanted something with interchangeable lenses and polarized lenses, but I hadn't seen very many go by. Lucky for me I found these beauties, and I was in love. Sorry the link is from a different site, but as you know Steep and Cheep sells stuff in sorta lots, so I wanted to make sure you saw the ones I got - in all their jungle green glory. I am hoping that when I get them they fit well... then I just have to wait on some deals on replacement lenses, which are FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday Work Out

1 Mile run (12:20)

1 hour Cardio Karate with Morris - Cardio work out with Abs and Butt stuff at the end - I have not sweated so much in a cardio class in a LONG TIME...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Geek Romance

Need I say more?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pierogi Fest - Maybe not the best way to stay on the weight loss wagon, but I think all the laughing of set the butter....

Sunday Work Out

2 mile run indoor track

90 lb Smith Machine Squats 15 x 3
25 lb Skull Crushers on Ball 15 x 3
15 lb Fly on Ball (+3 from last time) 15 x 3
41 lb Lat Pull Down 15 x 3
3 lb Reverse Fly 15 x 3
20 Leg Lifted Lower Ab Sit Up x 3

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Call me Moby...

So today I got my new scale - it is FANCY (hell it takes more batteries than most other appliances in my house) - it will tell you your weight, your BMI, your % water (i.e. are you hydrated enough), lb that is muscle, and calories needed per day to maintain weight. What it really told me is what I already knew - I am fat. Not crazy over the top fat, but I am the heaviest I have EVER been in my whole life and I am not happy about it.

I know that I exercise less being the super computer jockey, not walking from class to class every few hours, not on any sort of sports team person I have become. And I don't like it. I don't like the fact that my clothes don't fit, I don't like the fact that I can't fit into the cute things at the store that I want to buy, I don't like how big my butt has gotten, how my thighs rub together when I run - hell, I don't even like how big my breasts have gotten cause gosh they get in the way when you do things (although I do think it has helped with the guys).

So I am gonna do something about it. I am going to loose weight.

I am traveling to Phoenix at the end of May for a wedding then to San Fran to visit some friends and have my birthday and by that time my goal it to loose 20 lbs and fit into the elegant black dress I used to be able to fit into at that weight. Notice I am not telling you how much I weigh now, nor how much I well weight then, because I am rather embarrassed to say how much it is out loud.

So in an effort to stick to my guns, and to look from support from my friends, I am going to start posting my progress on this site. Workouts, delta weight, etc. Please help cheer me along as I go on this journey back to healthiness.

So as of the time I started this goal about a week ago, I have lost 3 lbs - not sure if this is water weight, different clothes on or whatever, but it is progress. I have 12 weeks to make this goal, which in my mind is about 2 lb a week. If I CAN make the goal, then I will reveal my new weight and you can come back and see how much I used to weight and be shocked.

Lucky for me, this goal also is a week before my first triathlon of the season which is even better because I didn't want to look like a white whale again when I came out of the swim (hence the title of this post). Monday is the first day for that 13 week plan, so added bonus, I have a whole list of work outs to do to help my butt out.

I also discovered that I can no longer eat fast food. I had Wendy's for lunch on Thursday and BW3 for a baby shower lunch on Friday and my intestines showed their displeasure in the way that only intestines can do. So from now on, no more deep fried goodness for me. This will probably help with the stuff mentioned above, but boy is it going to make lunch harder to go out for.

So wish me well friends, cheer me on my way, and celebrate with me at the end of these 12 weeks.

P.S. For those of you who were interested, I bought the Tanita Ironman scale, Model BC552.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Workout

1 mile run indoor track

90 lb Smith Machine Squats (+5 from last time) 15 x 3
25 lb Skull Crushers on Ball (+5 from last time) 15 x 3
12 lb Fly on Ball 15 x 3
41/48/41 lb Lat Pull Down (15 each weight)
3 lb Reverse Fly 15 x 3
20 Leg Lifted Lower Ab Sit Up x 3

800 m swam indoor track

A thought I will talk about later tonight...

But if you do not find an intelligent companion, a wise and well-behaved person going the same way as yourself, then go on your way alone, like a king abandoning a conquered kingdom, or like a great elephant in the deep forest. - Buddha

Status Message 9:35 am

I look forward to the day when time machines and artificial intelligence robots can live together in peace and harmony

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The proper way to knock on a door

So one of my personal pet peeves is when pollsters / solicitors / UPS men / etc come and knock on my door at night. I am a single woman who lives alone. I am NOT going to open the door for you when you are standing 2 inches from my front door at 9pm at night. Call me cautious, but that is how I am.

The reason I bring this up is that today, I had a perfect example of what TO do when knocking on a door. He knocked, then took a few steps back so he wasn't on the actual porch and didn't even approach the door after I opened it. He was doing local quotes for windows and bath tub liners and accepted my answers about just having them done and not needing a quote. No hostilities, no arguments.

Hurray for proper behavior!

Status Message 10:30 am

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tom Jones Saved My Workout

So I was running after Karate last night (I know crazy, but since that is what happens in a Tri - swim and bike yourself into exhaustion then go for a run) I thought it was a good idea... and I was dying until Tom Jones comes on singing "Help Yourself" - that man can motivate me to do some crazy stuff...

Status Message 10:05 am

Reading Strangers in Paradise before you go to bed can leave you with a case of the Melancholies the next day.

Status Message 8:30 am

Melancholy Monday

Strangers in Paradise

Lana is cursing Terry Moore for writing such good stories that make her cry and hope at the same time.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Propigating roses and gesneriads

So a few weeks ago (I mean sometime in late Jan / early Feb) I bought myself some roses from English Gardens that were absolutely beautiful. And in true Lana fashion, I sorta let then sit in the vase for a while longer than I probably should - but lucky for me they started to leaf up. this made me decide that I should try something new for me - rooting roses from cuttings. Apparently my great-grandmother use to be a master of rooting roses - Just stick them in the ground, cover them with a plastic pop bottle and POOF - instant roses. I am not sure I have as much green thumb-ness as she did, so I decided to try some rooting hormone to go with my dirt. So the roses are now planted in the pots, with plastic bags over them in the front window so they will stay warm. I am trying to figure out how to make the pots warm without being hot, which will also help promote root growth (I am thinking a heating pad that you can use for reptiles, but I am afraid it will get to hot - I will have to check Petco tonight). I am really hoping this works because they were the most beautiful roses ever. They are called Circus Roses and since they were patented in the 1950's I am in the clear for plant patent violations (I am a dork - I know it, let us move on).

On a sadder note, I am pretty sure the African violet like plant (A Gesneriad for those that are interested) that I have is not going to make it - I accidentally knocked it off the table and knocked off most of the leaves, which I should have planted but I didn't because I am an idiot and so the last remaining leaves have started to die off. Today I am gonna give it one last chance and see if I can get the last leaf to propagate, but I am not feeling confident on this one. Good thing is that in a few weeks the African Violet society that I got if from is having their annual sale again, which means I can get a replacement, but I still feel like I failed. It is like a failed relationship - I keep thinking of all the things I could have done better for it to keep it safe or kept it alive, and I will be regretting that I couldn't do those things if it dies. I love my plants and it is so sad when one doesn't make it.

Fear of the unknown...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

I heard this while watching a preview for another movie and it rang true - I think that often we don't try something because we are so afraid that we won't be any good at it. I know my brother gets like it at times and it reminds me that I need to go out there and do more new things. This week I decided my new thing would be to go down to the local comic store and try out 'game night' - it wasn't so bad, even if there wasn't as much banter as I am used to while playing games, but over all it was good. I also went to the Theater this week and saw both the live and animated Oscar nominated shorts - which were amazing. I don't agree with the ones that were selected to win, but they were all amazing in their own ways.

I'm not feeling very witty this morning, but I just wanted to give a little update on the week.