Sunday, November 18, 2007


So in an effort to get mile miles for the week done, and done outside, I decided to join in on this crazy thing called Cranksgiving where a bunch of bikers go to 6 wonderful grocery stores around tow and pick up one of a set list of items at each store and race to the finish (I got dried soup, rice, beans, baby formula and chili). Additionally, you got bonuses for bringing back more than 6 items, based on the weight of those items. Since I am still sorta recovering from the Kidney Stone from Hell, I decided to do some preemptive shopping and got a turkey and a TON of rice, pasta and beans. Didn't get extra bonus points for doing the extra shopping, but it was a good good ride for a good cause. All the food from the race went to Food Gathers of AA, and with about 30+ people showing up, they got a pretty good haul. Cause I have small feet and a big mouth I got a pair of socks, 2 water bottles, and some coffee (Ick - so going to someone for Christmas) and got about 20 miles in while it was nice out (nice being a relative term - it was freaking cold and my lungs were burning a bit and I have a case of the lung butter now), but all in all, an awesome way to spend a Sunday!

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