Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bike Goal - Am I going to make it?!?!

Well for those of you, which really is no one, who keeps track of my life, I have a crazy bike goal for 2007. 2007 miles in 2007 doesn't sound so crazy in January, when it breaks down to about 5.5 miles a day.... but after a summer of kidney stone love, you get down to the last 12 days of December and you are up to 26 miles a day, which on a gym bike, is pretty darn daunting.... now, mind you, I am lucky enough to have the next 11 days off, which means I have plenty of biking time, but the real question will be, do I have enough energy. Yesterday, after recovering from a cold for the past week and doing 52 miles in 2 days, I wasn't feeling so well so I decided to take a quick nap after Physical Therapy and go in a bit late.... that nap turned out to be nearly 5 hours long... not something I usually do... at all... unless I'm about to get really sick.... so the real question is... do I have enough nap time / workout time to get to my goal - I still think I will make it... and if I do I think I will be getting myself an indoor trainer... cause biking at home in front of a good DVD seems much nicer than those stupid bikes at the gym that really aren't made for short people like me :P

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