Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa brought my bike groove back!

So the day before Christmas, I had 212 miles to go as of this morning, and my goal was to do 30 miles this morning.....and let me tell you it was an up and down morning. First off I set my alarm f0r 7:30 am just in case I didn't get up in time... but in perfect vacation tradition, it also set the time ahead so I still got up at 5:30 am... which was good... because I downloaded some new podcasts cause I'm almost out, and hit the gym - I was on a bike by 7:30 am and it SUCKED... I was just dying ( maybe it was the half of a chocolate chip muffin I had had for breakfast....) So after 20 min, I my new goal was an hour..... gotta do an hour.. you can do just about anything for an hour...... and suddenly around 40 min Santa apparently dropped off my A game cause I was GONE, I had great cadence, great resistance, and my ass wasn't even sore - No idea where it came from, but I so rode that high for the next 20 miles and if I didn't have so much shit to do today, I would SO still be there busting out more of my miles.... cause no gym is open tomorrow which means instead of having 7 days left, I have 6, so instead of about 26 miles a day I have 30+.... whoopie!!!! But I am SO gonna make it!

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