Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mountain Biking Fun

Well this past weekend was Bike Demo Days at Island Lake, which was a BLAST! I got to test out two bikes, Giant's Cypher (2,000) and Gary Fisher's HiFi Pro 29 (3019.19). Both were full suspension which was a bit... squishy?

I did the Blue loop on the Cypher and found it was fun to ride, esp since this was the first time I had been on a mountain bike or at Island Lake and the first time I had been on a trail in over 2 years. It was comfortable, and took the hicups with some fun. I am not exactly sure I liked all the squish since it made it feel a little sloppy around curves, but that could also be in part due to it being my first time out.

I then took out the GF which was a bit big for me, esp with the 29rs on it, but I managed. It was much less squishy, and it could have been cause of the tires, the size, or the section of the trail I was doing, or cause I was just FREAKING TIRED and dehydrated, but I didn't like this bike as much as the Giant. It just felt a bit off, although I couldn't tell you why.

Then, two days after the Demo, my boss (who is on a mtb racing team) decided to offer to take people on the team out for a ride at Island Lake (boy was I glad I was there to scout it out a few days earlier). Since I didn't have a mtb, a friend of my boss's was kind enough to as his wife if I could borrow hers (at a party while she was drinking, so I'm not sure that is a completely legal ask) so I got to ride a front suspension Kona Lisa HT ( funny enough her name is Lisa) whic I pretty much adored - brakes handled well, it was pretty upright, which I think I like on a MTB - I wanted to sit further back in the seat at first, but I got used to that pretty quick. Funny enough Kona also has a bike called Lanai which who knows, may be my first MTB :) After doing blue and yellow loops at Island Lake I was totally bonked (I didn't know you could bonk while driving, but apparently you can). Lucky for me I had some tuna to go at home which was a total life saver (well not life, but hunger at least)

Here is to hoping to hit the trails again soon!

NOTE: I did not know the price of these bikes when I was riding them, I only found out when I looked them up at home. Needless to say I need to find myself a sugar daddy to fund my bike habit.

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