Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stupid Snowplow Drivers

At least I know the snow plow drivers still have an effin sense of humor.

So I live on a street that is inbetween a couple of more traveled streets, so quite often, it gets overlooked by our local snow crew. BUT NOT TODAY. Today is snowed a couple of inches and I guess they decided to take some sort of sick twisted pity on our street and did an EXTRA good job of plowing today - which means that all that packed down snow from the past few weeks (all nice and heavy and icy) also got plowed, so when I came home there was a big ole' berm at the end of my drive. I had to shovel for an hour before I could actually pull into my driveway. And you know the drivers sorta giggled as they drove by, because they could see the size of that sucker (a few feet, not the worst they have done, but still not driveoverable).

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