Friday, February 1, 2008

Urban Skiing - or - Enjoying Myself on the Backs of Other People's Lazyness

So it snowed today - in such a potentially dangerous way that we all decided to give ourselves a 3 day weekend :) That being said, it didn't really snow much - not the snowpocalypse that we were all promised, but it was snowy enough for one of my favorite winter training - cross country skiing! And since the city of Ann Arbor decides to be really lazy snow plowing on days that the kiddies don't have school, the roads were delightfully snow covered. Additionally, since most sane people also stayed home, and by home I mean IN the home, the sidewalks were also snow covered. What did this all mean - it meant instead of running to the mail box and getting some miles in for the USAT challenge, I instead skied there. It doesn't count for miles, but it was a LOT more fun. I encourage most people to shovel in the middle of snow storms so there is just that dusting on the sidewalks - makes for great urban skiing!

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})i({ RunnerGirl said...

I feel a new sport coming your way!

I wish we got more snow - but oh well. A dusting is still fine.