Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a weekend...

Well ths isn;t that exciting of a weekend, but a quick summary:

Friday: Dinner with Katie D then off to Vinology for a delicious glass of wine and then home again. SO exhausted from this past week.

Saturday: Up with the dawn (or when the heat turns on) and it is time to clean the office! Got all the crap out, much filing and going through of stuff. I went through my postcard collection (I need to start that up again, but for some reason in the US, using post cards as advertising is not as big as it was in Australia - or maybe it is just metro-Detroit. Good thing I'm heading to Chicago next week. Then I cleaned some more, reorganized the graphic novels, and realized that i have a TON of prints that I really should put up since they are so cool. Then my finally showered and headed to the bike shop with my friend Jenn and then off to WinterBlast - SO cool. Got to make smores, watch snowshoeing, check out the nifty ice sculptures, the spirit of Detroit, dog sledding, people waiting in INSANELY long lines for the snow slide and skating, and then finally dinner at the Detroit Brewing Company (yummy frambois) . Best Part - I didn't even have to drive!!

Sunday: Woke up early again (How come I can't do that during the week?) and did a bit of cleaning, but mostly vegging and watching DVD's - watched Antonia's Line which was AMAZING, some hockey, made a list of all the size frames I would need and went to Michaels to get some - better than custom framing, but still sorta expensive, but my house is gonna look SO much better with all the prints up. ESP the Eames Lounge Chair print on special Eames paper which will hold the spot in my living room until I can get one of the real chairs for myself (in like 30 years). Then putting the pictures in the frames, and figuring out where all of them are going to go - I'm playing the pictures version of 'musical chairs' right now. This afternoon's goal is to finish up in the office - I have a TON of stuff to put away that is currently chilling in the office, but if I want to have people over, that will need to be taken care of tonight (or maybe tomorrow). And finish up this icky report for work.

God, I'm an old boring fart sometimes :)

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})i({ RunnerGirl said...

LMAO - no not old boring fart - I can totally appreicate the musical pictures. Wait until you see mi casa... I have changed picture palcement a few times. :o)