Saturday, February 2, 2008

Water Bottles - An Adult Sippy Cup

As I was coughing up a lung last night I had an epiphany about a few things. 1) Excedrin might be great for getting rid of my headaches, but the caffeine is not good late at night 2) a nap in the middle of the day will keep me up at night 3) these two things together are dangerous and cause me to sleep weird and 4) all a bike water bottle is is an adult sippy cup - whenever I want a glass of water, but I fear my clumsiness, I just use a bike bottle. Great for when those cold meds make you a bit loopy. I couldn't fall asleep until 2 am and I was WIDE awake by 7:30 am. Which was good because I learned how to caramelize onions (which takes forever) and made quite a decent scramble. After spending all day cleaning my room (I banish you dust bunnies to the vacuum!) I decided I should be a good minion and get my training done for the day - some arm cycling to loosen up, the whole evil workout and then home for some quality time on the trainer. After trainer time (during which I IMed - bet you didn't know you could balance your lap top on your aero bars.... well sorta) I got to my favorite part, stretching. My trainer gave me this great new stretch, which really helps with my hamstring, but it takes 6 minutes on each side. Since I was so engrossed with my IMing, I decided some multi-tasking was in order. And that I should share that with all of you. What you can't quite see is that my other leg is stretched out along the floor, for that extra deep super hami stretch. I couldn't reach a pillow without getting up, but the shoe box worked perfectly - bet you didn't know they were also usefuly for super pillows!

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