Friday, March 21, 2008

The reason these guys are single...

This morning I was greeted by two lovely emails from single gentlemen. Now let me tell you, I have gotten a number of emails from a variety of gentlemen, but these are the best so far and have convinced me that I apparently need to just quit.

Gentleman number 1 - The complete content of the email - "Hi there you look hut" This coming from a man who looks like he should be straight outta boogie nights - sneer, greased hair, black shirt unbuttoned half way down - he was the WHOLE package. The only think missing was some gold chains.

Gentleman number 2 - Subject of email - "Could You be my Mistress" - Body of email - "Hi could you use a good slave? a slutty submissive male cross dresser that will dress and do as you wished i do love to please a woman and make her happy. could you be my Mistress?"

First off, the picture was AWFUL - If this was how he cross dresses, not impressed. Secondly, if I had a slave (not that I am in favor of slavery or anything)- that person would be doing my dishes and housekeeping, running errands and stuff like that. Thirdly, he is 43 and lives in WISCONSIN (Green Bay at that). Isn't that a bit of a commute to be someone's slave?

It makes me glad that someone in the 1800s felt the need to create a machine to help with womanly vapors and it is now probably a billion dollar market. And that someone came up with batteries.


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Mags said...

Wow. The internet is a scary, scary place. Just like real life.