Saturday, March 1, 2008

Propigating roses and gesneriads

So a few weeks ago (I mean sometime in late Jan / early Feb) I bought myself some roses from English Gardens that were absolutely beautiful. And in true Lana fashion, I sorta let then sit in the vase for a while longer than I probably should - but lucky for me they started to leaf up. this made me decide that I should try something new for me - rooting roses from cuttings. Apparently my great-grandmother use to be a master of rooting roses - Just stick them in the ground, cover them with a plastic pop bottle and POOF - instant roses. I am not sure I have as much green thumb-ness as she did, so I decided to try some rooting hormone to go with my dirt. So the roses are now planted in the pots, with plastic bags over them in the front window so they will stay warm. I am trying to figure out how to make the pots warm without being hot, which will also help promote root growth (I am thinking a heating pad that you can use for reptiles, but I am afraid it will get to hot - I will have to check Petco tonight). I am really hoping this works because they were the most beautiful roses ever. They are called Circus Roses and since they were patented in the 1950's I am in the clear for plant patent violations (I am a dork - I know it, let us move on).

On a sadder note, I am pretty sure the African violet like plant (A Gesneriad for those that are interested) that I have is not going to make it - I accidentally knocked it off the table and knocked off most of the leaves, which I should have planted but I didn't because I am an idiot and so the last remaining leaves have started to die off. Today I am gonna give it one last chance and see if I can get the last leaf to propagate, but I am not feeling confident on this one. Good thing is that in a few weeks the African Violet society that I got if from is having their annual sale again, which means I can get a replacement, but I still feel like I failed. It is like a failed relationship - I keep thinking of all the things I could have done better for it to keep it safe or kept it alive, and I will be regretting that I couldn't do those things if it dies. I love my plants and it is so sad when one doesn't make it.

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