Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dance Marathon!

Well I did my annual fresh baked cookies run to the University of Michigan Dance Marathon last night. It was crazy fun, Ellie was rocking it as a moral captain, and best of all, I got a picture with someone dressed like a lobster. What are the ODDS?!?

Of course hanging out with people who are nearly 10 years younger than me is a bit rough - especially when it is St Pats weekend and there was some drunken revelers walking through. Then my friend Katie is in town with her boy (which I sorta forgot about) and called me to meet her at a bar. So I go trudging off, in the outfit you see above, get to the bar and was going to wait in line to get in until I realized that I am in fact not that crazy. Plus I had been up since 4:30am and anyone who knows me knows I do not do so well with that much awake time. So instead I went home and went to bed. So I can go do a 5k this afternoon at 2pm. Which is the BEST time for a St Pat's 5k - gives you time to recover from the night before and when you get done you don't feel guilty for drinking because it is not the morning.